Aug. 28th, 2017

Man it has been quite some time.  I can’t remember the last time I felt like sitting down and writing out my day.  Luckily I have this blog for that. :P

Anyways not much as changed in my life.  I still have my glaucoma, though it’s doing better than it was the last time I posted here.  Since then I have also been diagnosed with another rare thing called slipping rib syndrome – apparently it’s a real thing.   Who knew!  Then come New Years this year I’ll be an aunt again.  Oh and in other news I am also on the verge of starting a new job. Kind of.

I mean I’ve worked at the place before but it was under a different area so it’s kind of new, right?  It’s Target in case you were wondering.  Instead of taking my old truck position back though I’m joining the cashier side of things.  Mostly because I’m getting too old to do truck.  I mean I have so many aches and pains already and I’m not even thirty yet!

My first day of training is this Wednesday.  Here’s hoping it goes alright.

In terms of my hobbies I’m still gaming whenever I can spare a moment.  In the last several months I have played: Ys Origin, Ys I & II Chronicles, Sonic Mania, Crash Bandicoot, and Adventures of Mana.  I’m also really looking forward to Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana coming out Sept. 12, 2017 and .hack//G.U. Last Recode on Nov. 3, 2017. ^___^

Also Yuu Watase is releasing the Byakko arc to her Fusihgi Yuugi series starting today!  Too bad I haven’t been able to find any scans online yet. T^T  I really want to see it!!!

I also went through a reading kick the other month where I marathon read The 100 by Kass Morgan.  It might just be one of my favorite book series’ aside from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  Though why they had the fourth book in the series I’ll never know.  I mean book three pretty much ended things exactly where they needed to end. :P

But yeah, that’s me.  Nothing much has changed… I’m still a nerd.

Jan. 3rd, 2016

Well 2016 isn’t starting off that great.

On the Dec. 29, 2015 I had my 6 month glaucoma testing and it was bad.  Since I’ve been in Chicago my levels have gone up by 6 leaving it at 24 (which is bad).  However, because it got worse it also gave my doctor an idea of just what kind of glaucoma I have.   It’s called Pigmentary Glaucoma. According to Google it is “a type of inherited open-angle glaucoma which develops more frequently in men than in women. It most often begins in the twenties and thirties, which makes it particularly dangerous to a lifetime of normal vision.”

That being said my doctor gave me two options.  I can take another type of eye drop or have a laser surgery that may fail in the long run.  I took the eye drop option.  With the new drop I have to take it once in the morning and once at night – I also have to continue to take my original eye drop at night too.  He also told me not to do exercise or a lot of bending, lifting, etc because that can increase my levels and lead to damage.  If the levels don’t drop the last choice would be the surgery.

I’m always really calm when I’m in the office with him, but when I got home I’m pretty sure I just broke down and cried for like 2 hours straight.  My parents keep trying to cheer me up, but it’s not really helping.   Like my mom came in and told me Elvis had Glaucoma and my dad told me this guy he works with has a 70 year old wife who has it. -__-   Like I said not helping.

I’m not really scared of not being able to see if my eyes would go.  I’m more upset that I won’t be able to do the things I enjoy like reading novels and manga, playing video games, watching subbed anime, and drawing.   Then I also have the feeling that if that were to happen I’d really just become a burden to my family and I don’t really want that either.

The first type of drop he gave me for this new glaucoma actually gave me a severe almost  emergency room allergic reaction, but the one we switched it out with seems to be alright – though it burns a lot when I put it in.   It’s literally like just taking shampoo and smearing it in your eyes.  But you can’t wash it out.  It last for a good 10 minutes, but then my eyes are blurry for awhile afterwards.  v_v

The Meadow got two new members so I’ve been trying to check that every couple of days too just because I miss talking Harvest Moon.

I also have to call the book store back when I get a chance.  They called me to set up an interview and when I called back the manager who I needed to talk with was off so they took my name and told me they would have him call me the next day.  The next day of course was News Years Day and I waited for them to call all day long.  It’s now Sunday night and I still have not heard anything from them.  I think they might have lost the note about calling me back so come tomorrow if I don’t hear anything by 1 p.m. I’ll be calling to see if they’re still interested in me or not.  I really hate when places won’t call you back.  Though I have to admit I’m a bit nervous now about what type of work I’ll be doing since I got my new diagnosis.  I know when I work my last two jobs I had a few incidents happen where I had to go home because my vision got so bad so hopefully it won’t be too much.   .__.

The days right after Christmas (27 + 28) I spent with Kristi helping her out in her copy of Story of Seasons and watching the entire English dub of Full Moon wo Sagashite.  We then did a little of Fushigi Yuugi and played Mario Kart 64 and Donkey Kong 64.  All-in-all a fun time like always.  She’s wooing Klaus in Story of Seasons. ^^  For Christmas this year she got me the first two books of Demon Prince of Momochi House and two of the Sailor Moon Twinkle Dollies (Mars and Mercury).

After she left I spent a lot of time reading all the manga I got.  I got the complete sets for: Marmalade Boy, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Kodocha, and Fushigi Yuugi.   I still have to finish Fushigi Yuugi and I haven’t started Kodocha at all.

My New Years weekend mostly consisted of playing Story of Seasons, watching Unbroken and American Sniper with Dad, playing Monopoly with Mom and Kelly, and then watching Age of Adeline with Mom.  I also caught up on that new cartoon show Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.  It’s super cute and very Sailor Moonie.

I also keep trying to get someone to watch Jurassic World with me and everyone tells me no.  >_<  I’ve been trying since Christmas day.  I think sometime this week I’m just going to sit down and watch it alone.  I’m tired of waiting to see it.

September 22, 2015

Looks like it’s been awhile since I posted here again.   Though in my defense it’s mostly because nothing too exciting has happened yet.   I’m still here in Chicago, still looking for jobs on a daily basis, and still getting slightly annoyed with the girls I’m living with.  Like I said, not too much has changed. 

During my free hours I’m working on a Japanese play through of Lunar 2 in excitement of the release on the PSN. I’m also going to try and get into Final Fantasy XIV again.  Though I completely scrapped my characters – I’m going to start all over!  (It’s literally been re-installing all day long ~ and I still have to install my Heavensward disc!)

I did however get to explore downtown a bit this Sunday when my parents came down for a visit after finishing up their racing thing in Michigan.  We started the day going out to brunch at the little shop a block down from me, then hopped on the train.   I tried to plan ahead and think of places that they might like to see since last time we didn’t get to look at much since we were busy moving in.  That being said I took them to Buckingham Fountain first, just because they loved the TV show Married with Children that ran in the 90’s.  After that we took lots of tourist pictures there and even walked down to the harbors to take even more with the lake and such.

After that we went into the Art Institute of Chicago, which was more or less the main thing I’ve been wanting to do ~ especially after learning about their Degas exhibit.  However, like most of the things I want to do, the girls I live with don’t.  For Mom and Dad though, this was their first time ever in an art exhibit. 

We spent a few hours in there just following the rooms.  The Degas exhibit was actually a lot smaller than I had been hoping for, but there was a lot of familiar pieces of his that I did get to see in person.  Most of them I’ve only seen in textbooks from when I did a 20 minutes presentation on him in my college days. ^^  Like I legit bought a tone of books because I had a hard time finding them online (at least the ones I wanted to talk about).  After that we wondered around more until I noticed they had a Japanese exhibit as well. It was mostly woodblock prints, but it was still nice to see.  I did nerd-over to my parents about how they did them and what most of them were used for.  Mostly just reciting stuff I remembered from my 400 level art history classes. XD I was also amused when my Dad walked right past all the Picasso’s until I told him what they were – then he had to go back and look. ^o^
When we left there we got Dad’s Chicago-style hotdog that he’d been searching for since last time and ate outside at the gardens beside the building (it had a specific name but I can’t recall). 

Finishing up our goal was the Lincoln Park Zoo, but before hand I took them over through the park to the beach.  Since they didn’t really see the beach side of the lake, it would have been cooler though if the weather was still good for swimming.  *sigh*  The zoo was actually my biggest let down out of the day though.  Maybe it’s just because we didn’t go far enough in, but every animals we tried to look at seemed to be missing or sleeping. 

Then to help with my own paranoia we went to check out the House of Blues, where the concert for ONE OK ROCK is going to be held next Tuesday.  It was kind of scary though.  Definitely the worst place we were in all day long since as soon as we got up out of the train station a guy approached us and followed us up an entire block cussing and yelling at us for money.  Needless to say if Em sticks me and I have to go alone I’m going to be really upset.  The last thing I want to do is hope a train by myself and walk home at 11 at night.  -__-

They left Monday morning around 8.  I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do for Thanksgiving and Winter.  Mom and them think I should come home a week or two before Thanksgiving and then not come back till February – which will give me another 6 months to try and find something here. However, I’m a little uncomfortable with leaving certain things here for that long!  I’m also pretty sure my roommates are going to lend my room and bed to their family members when they’re out here for the holidays and I definitely don’t want that to happen since they all sleep with the dog.  I have her trained so she knows not to go into my room – but if those people tell her to she will. D<

On a side note Pandora's Tower seems really interesting ~ I'm adding it to my games to play list. >D

August 16th, 2015

We went to the Air and Water Show today, though we didn’t really get too close to see much. Before going to watch it we had brunch at a local pub - though I wasn’t too impressed with it.  They messed up my sandwich and had bad service.  The waitress didn’t even ask for refills or come back to check on us.  She didn’t even greet us when we got in there- Em literally had to walk over to her and let her know we wanted to eat. 

At the show we took seats in the grass at Lincoln Park and just watched from 12:30 to 2:40ish when they finished up. Due to the accidents that happened the day before the parachuting show was completely pulled so it was just jets, jets, and more jets.  Though a lot of the performances they did were hard to see where we were at.  It was mostly focused on the beaches, but they were WAY too busy!

Also, it is official.  I fail at city life. I passed out on the train today. Like my roommates had to literally help me up off the floor and escort me off it.  Gotta love 90+ heat waves.  Anyways after getting off the first train we just kind of waited around by the benches where I drank some water and just waited to feel slightly better.  It didn’t take too long and we caught the train right after.  Em did offer to take me to the hospital two stops down from where we were but I told it was fine.  I mean that’s happened before so I knew I’d be okay after sitting and just drinking water.

Walking home we hit Starbucks right off the train and got water bottles and juice before heading home – mostly just because they didn’t want me to die on the way home. Once we got home I took a quick shower to get all the sunscreen off and just cool down.  After that I laid down for a nap and woke up around 5ish.  

Since getting up I’ve watched one movie and played more of my current file of Legend of the Dragoon.  Kristi and I started the file the last game weekend we had before my move and to be honest I have really been craving it – which is weird since I haven’t craved it since I was really into it in 2000 (you know when my game froze and never let me onto disc 3).  I still feel kind of blah though – I think it’s because I had too much sunlight so I just feel hot.

Also my Lunar 2 sega-cd guide book should be here tomorrow hopefully! <3 I really, really hope it will fit in the mailbox.  I really have no plans to walk to the post office – it’s kind of in this really sketchy area.  Like we walked past it once in the daylight and I can safely say it is someplace I will never want to walk to alone.

August 11th, 2015

Little update. Last night we all sat down to watch The DUFF.  Em saw a preview for it and decided she just had to rent it.  I mean it wasn’t horrible, but it was predicable like most teen movies that revolve around high school.  I mean they can only do so much with them.

The refrigerator was officially busted for 3 days – Tony, our landlady’s husband came over to finally fix it today, though it wasn’t perfect.  Sure the door actually stays on instead of crushing your foot when you open it, but now when you shut it the door sticks and you have to put some ump in it to shut it.  He said he’ll fix it right after he orders the part, but I don’t know.

Natalie officially got a job, so she’s off to work tomorrow which just leaves me on the job hunt.  Though I mean it’s not a nice job, it’s part-time just making drinks.  Though I guess any job is better than no job. I did apply for another five jobs today though so it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing.  I'm also looking into a few small part-time jobs around the neighborhood maybe just for something to do while I wait for the dream job. I mean most days after I do my applications I just clean, cook, and watch Netflix. -_- However, I really don't wanna learn another dead-end crap job. :/

August 9th, 2015

So this weekend was Retro on Roscoe.  It’s basically a local festival were cover bands from Chicago come and perform classics to modern day music live.   There’s also lots of food, games, a car show and shopping stalls set up along the street.  I went once on Friday, just doing a walk through and then on Saturday I was in and out of the apartment all day long doing bands and food. I mean why not?  It was basically right out the front door and we were only two aprtments away from East Stage. Even if I stayed in my room I could still hear the music!

I think my favorites were the bands that covered a lot of 90’s music on Saturday. However, the 80’s were pretty good as well.  I mean if I never watched an 80’s film I probably wouldn’t have known a lot of those songs.  I did notice a lot of the bands today played a lot of repeats from the last two days, but it’s okay.  They were all good songs and who turns away a free concert! <3

The cars at the show were all pretty nice.   My dad would have loved to see them in person – I sent him some pictures though so he didn’t completely miss out. ^-^

Also apparently I live with the hulk. Em literally broke the refrigerator door.  Like I was just in my room minding my own business drawing and listening to j-pop when I hear a scream and a thud – like it literally fell on the floor.  We called the landlady and she says she’ll have someone out to fix it tomorrow afternoon, which is okay – I mean as long as my medicine is staying cold that’s all that matters. ^o^

I haven’t heard from the girls if they still want to go to the Little Mermaid Musical at Navy Pier. So it looks like I’ll be seeing if they still want too later – it ends this coming Sunday.

August 8th, 2015

I ordered delivery for the first time since moving to the big city and I’m pretty sure the guy who came thought I was an ass since I accidently said ‘no tip’ instead of ‘no change’. >.> Why do I fail so much!?  Guess I won’t be ordering from there in a while.  ^^’’ However, in my defense I did give him a tip of $8.45 even after he dropped my sauce on the ground – which spilled open.

Other than that I’m mostly going to put in for jobs and maybe finish up my Maple’s Landing RPG character. 

Also on Friday we’re finally getting cable! This means when Gotham, OUAT, Fresh off the Boat, and Goldbergs start back up I’ll be ready for them! <3

July 29th, 2015

So I really wish I could sleep like normal. The last four days I have literally stayed up till 2, 3, and 4 in the morning.  And that’s me just lying in bed trying to sleep!   I’ve lying down at 10 or 11 and it just doesn’t happen.  It’s like my body is tired but my minds like nope, not tonight. v_v 

The other night when it happened I decided to look up restaurants for breakfast and lunch – depending on what time I got up of course.  And I found not only a Dunkin Donuts, but a Chinese restaurant that is literally right beside it.  I checked out the menus and even planned what I wanted.  Morning came and of course I woke up more around noon so I gave it a try. 

I was really impressed. <3 Though some of the things on their menu is a bit scary too me.  I mean I can’t picture myself trying their eggrolls anytime soon but the orange chicken meal I had was superb.  I still have leftovers too since there was so much!

Anyways today is an easy day.  I changed the bedding, did a few applications, and walked down to the Speedway to nab some soda for my addiction. I ran out yesterday and am just dying from my caffeine headache.  I'm also marathing Yu Yu Hakushou - so far I'm only in season 1 but I have them all.

When Em get’s home we’re going to be heading to DMK Burger again for dinner.  It’s the same place we at at a few days ago, you know where I’m convinced I’m going to die from the burgers haha. I think this time around I’m only going to get an order of fries and the specialty milk shake – its roasted marshmallow.  And let me tell you it tastes just like they cooked it over a camp fire. <3 Unfortunately it’s only around till the end of the month.

Also the song ‘Battle Scars’ by Guy Sebastian is my new favorite. I heard it in a YouTube video and have just been addicted to it.  Which is strange since it is rap music and we all know I’m normally not into that, but he’s got a nice voice. ^o^ Again the chorus is my main fav. I can listen to it for weeks – the girl above me is going to hate me for it.  I can feel it!

July 26th, 2015

Nothing too exciting really happened over the last few days.  I’ve mostly stayed in other than doing Trivia with the girls again on Wednesday night.  We lost spectacularly.  Then on Friday I did more applications, got a few rejections, and watched some Disney films becuase those always make me feel better with thier corniness.

Yesterday was a me day - completely.  I spent the majority of the day bouncing between games because I’m indecisive and couldn’t decide which one I wanted to play. So I did a little of Tomb Raider (2013), Tales of Xillia 2 (Replaying it), Final Fantasy X HD Re-master (1st time though in HD), and Story of Seasons. In SoS I finally married Fritz –like I literally stayed up till 2:45 in the morning just to watch the scene! <3   I also watched Avatar, the movie with the blue kitties (as my old roommates would've called them).

And today I have no idea what we are going to do or if it’s going to be another me day.  I do know Em just told us all not to eat because she bought stuff to make pancakes.  But we already did so she told us we’d be eating second breakfast.  (which is fine because we just ate little things earlier – plus it’s noon)

July 21st, 2015

So we got an e-mail from our landlady the other day about seeing who was going to be home today at ten this morning.   She was pretty secretive about it and didn’t really tell us why or who she had coming over. Apparently, now that she’s here, she’s putting the building out on the market after owning it for the last 32 years.  All the while she’s telling us not to worry because it probably won’t sell right away but even if it does we have a lease for a year up until July 30, 2016.  o_o’’’

Would’ve been nice to know that beforehand since now depending on who buys it we might have to find another place after this year which means more moving.  Then again there is still not guarantee that I’ll still be out here by then. Also I’m pretty sure my wardrobe will stay with the house because that bitch is heavy and I’m not sure how we would move it out anyways since we had to build it in the room to get it in there.  So I’ll just be out that $200. They also took lots of photos for the lsiting I guess, but she should have told us becuase it was far from clean in some of the rooms.

Anyways after they left I took walk over to the Speedway, it’s a gas station, to get a case of soda since it’s A LOT closer than the grocery store. The only downfall is they were like two dollars more. v_v

Once I got back I put in for a few more jobs, though I’m starting to get rejection letters back from the ones from last week already.  Then I made a pizza for lunch using the gas oven for the first time.  It didn’t seem so bad, but cooking over a flame like that really bothers me and I’m not the only one. Em and Natalie aren’t fans either.   -__-

Also yesterday I took a walk to Target.  Worst idea ever.  I wanted to die.  I left the house at noon and didn’t get back till 4:30. I was maybe in the store for 40 minutes if that.  I’m sure if I would’ve taken a bus it would’ve been a lot shorter.  But I’m really paranoid on those still – like I can just see myself missing my stop and getting all lost and the only GPS I have is on my phone but it eats the battery really bad.

Emily made dinner again.  This time it was some strange pasta combination – which after you got over how weird it was turned out to be kind of good.  It was mostly a bunch of different pasta noodles (I think there was 4 different kinds) marinara sauce mixed with half and half.  Topped with grilled chicken and broccoli.

After that we all decided to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was my first time every watching it, but I remembered a little about it from back when they were spamming the television stations with its movie trailers.  While I liked it though, I think it could have been better in the laugh department.

Anyways, getting off personal stuff.  I’m really excited to hear about the HD Odin Sphere coming for the Ps3 and Ps4.  >w<  Not to mention Tales of Zestiria is coming out in October! ^o^  I’m really debating on which system to get them for though.  I mean I feel like PS4 is so under loved.  I only own three games for it (1 is a digital only too) while my PS3 has at least 20 or more.  However, I didn’t bring my PS4 with me so any games I buy for it I might not get to play them till next year – and that’s only if I decide to move back to PA. If not I’ll have to have my parents bring my stuff out or have them ship it but that would be ridiculous since I left well over half my room.  Like All my anime and manga is there along with my 200+ games and movies. I took all my clothes though. ^-^ I really do like the graphics with the PS4 though…